lauantai 24. tammikuuta 2009

StampARTic Challenge #3 January 2009

20 days into this brand new year, and we are ready to give you another challenge.
This time we would like you to make:

Monochromatic Valentines Card !

Monochromatic means
you are only allowed to use 1 color for the entire card. You can use as many nuances within the same color, as you please. We allow "skin colors" and of course black and white where that is natural, in addition to the main color. (black and white: f.ex- white cardstock to stamped images, and stamped images with black ink) Theme must be Valentine or Love.

I desided to use brown in my card ( are you surprised?) because of this sweet teddy bear.. It is one of my latest stamps and I like it so much. Such a cutie!
I didn´t use colours because I think it´s better this way.

Päätinpä taas kerran tehdä ruskean sävyisen kortin. Syy siihen oli tämä ihana nalle, joka kotiutui Taitopuoti Paperinauhasta meille.